The Exercise

(Take time to experience and enjoy each element of the practice. Resist the urge to move ahead.)

Find a balanced,upright and comfortable posture from which you need to move.

Feel the weight of your feet on the ground.

Feel the weight of the body on the chair.

And the play of air on the face and hands.

Feel the gentle pressure of the clothes on the skin.

Without looking around, let the eyes receive color, form, light, and shadow.



Observe the breath as it enters and leaves the body.

Now open the listening.

Receive all sounds as they rise and fall without comment or judgement of any kind.

Let the listening run out to the furthest and gentlest sounds, embracing all.

Now simply rest in this great awareness for a few moments.

                                          (The School of Practical Philosophy)

The first workout of the day, is that of the mind. The mental exercise. The body only changes if the mind does. It's not just about the physical. It's about mental health and toughness as well.