Sarah T.

Darryl is extremely knowledgeable and attentive and most importantly he really cares about his clients. At my first training session he spent more than scheduled hour with me breaking down my health and workout history, goals and issues that plagued me. He created a rehabilitation program that got to the root of my problems and set me on the road to recovery and feeling better quicker than years spent in physical therapy. He is always early (if you’re on time you’re late as he likes to say), is professional and spends hours putting together training programs catering specifically to each of his individual clients. He’ll also send you reading material and videos on his own time to help you attain success.”

Noah E.

“Darryl is simply a fantastic trainer. When I began, I had absolutely no flexibility or strength. We’ve worked together for a year and a half now and I’ve made remarkable progress. I sit all day at work so it’s a daily struggle to be loose and flexible and working with Darryl helps tremendously. Additionally, the strength gains I’ve made, starting from almost nothing, have been fantastic and really encouraging. This progress is all due to Darryl’s dedication, knowledge and motivation.”

Brittany E.

“There is no better trainer than Darryl. I hadn’t worked out I earnest until I met Darryl, and he got me to a place where I no longer dreaded being at the gym. Not only did he improve my health and helped me lose a lot of weight, but he became my best friend. He is patient caring helpful, knowledgeable, informed, and consistent – he knows when and how to push to bring the best out of you. He also doesn’t put up with my excuses! I consider myself very lucky to have been matched with Darryl as my trainer and call him my friend.”

Scott L.

Training with Darryl over the past year+ has been a great experience. His focus on functional strength and range of motion exercises that stress proper form have been especially beneficial for someone like me who has developed a number of bad habits and nagging injuries over the years. He’s helped me correct a bunch of issues while building my core and working towards my larger goals.

Beyond training side of things, I generally enjoy hanging out with him. This is especially importatn when your trying to motivate yourself to get to the gym 2-3x a week. Darryl is a solid guy with interest that extend far beyond fitness. During our sessions, he always keeps a good banter going, mixing in feedback on technique with shooting the sh*t, which keeps me from watching the clock.

Lauren C.

“I credit Darryl with getting me in amazing shape leading up to my wedding. I have a lot of prior joint and soft tissues injuries, and with Darryl’s expertise in rehabilitation and strength training. I was able to overcome these obstacles, and then some. He knew when to push me, and when to hold back, for both my physical fitness and my mental stamina. Darryl has the BEST smile and personality, with a laid back but motivating style that kept me wanting to keep pushing through the tough workouts. Darryl takes a lot if pride in his work, and is available beyond the “1 hour” sessions, unlike other trainers. I have worked with a lot of personal trainers, and none of them have motivated me to want to workout more that Darryl. You will NOT be disappointed. If I had not moved out of New York, I would be a client for life.”