Work with Certified Master Personal Trainers

We use a scientifically proven method to help you achieve your fitness goals by creating fully customized workout programs for your unique needs.

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Personal Training NYC

Look Great and Lead a Healthier Life

Bull By The Horns Fitness is a personal training company based in NYC, specializing in
performance and functional movement. We will help you in everything
from weight loss and strength training to improving
your endurance and stamina.

We follow the NASM OPT model utilizing a scientifically proven method of phase training to help you achieve your goals.For weight lost, calorie intake has to be logged and accounted for in order to successfully achieve your goal,we use a free app to track calories and monitor your food intake. We believe in a holistic approach
to health and fitness, and will help you get accustomed to a healthy lifestyle as well as provide
a challenging, fun, workout routine that provides you with accountability and support.

Work with the Best
Personal Trainers in NYC

We offer a range of solutions depending on your fitness and health goals.

  • Strength and Conditioning

    Develop Strength and power
    and build endurance

  • Sport Specific Training

    Improve your performance
    and techniques

  • Medical Exercise

    Control high blood pressure,
    manage diabetes and arthritis
    and eliminate pain

  • Pre-Post Natal

    Stay healthy with safe and
    effective exercises and regain
    fitness postpartum

  • Weight Loss and Nutrition

    Achieve your weight loss
    goals with a new approach
    to nutrition

  • Pilates and Boxing

    Learn concentration, control,
    precision and centering.

  • Injury Prevention
    and Post Rehabilitation

    Improve muscle and joint
    function and restore strength
    with corrective exercises

  • Custom Programs and Virtual Training

    Get a workout routine designed
    for your specific goals, athleticism
    and body type

Flexible Personal Training Solutions

One on One Private Personal Training in NYC

Bull By The Horn Fitness offers one-on-one private personal training that is led by our skilled, certified and experienced personal trainers. Personal Training will be the best way to meet your health and fitness goals. Each session is 55 minutes and our certified personal trainers, plan and organize your workouts so that all you need to do is come into the studio ready to work.

In Home Private Personal Training NYC

We make getting healthy and in shape easy for you by offering in home private personal training. Our certified and skilled coaches develop a customized workout plan based on your goals. Our personal training service consist of a recommended nutrition guide, a weekly check-in, and 24/7 Q&A.

Semi Private Personal Training NYC

Bull By The Horn Fitness offers small groups of individuals training with one coach. Semi-private training allows you to work with a nationally certified personal trainer at a fraction of the cost of private training. With a max of 4 clients per session, semi private training is highly effective regiment.


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